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Martha Stahlkopf


Large salad bowls

Porcelain, slip decoration

Platter, dessert plate

Porcelain, slip decoration

Small salad bowls

Porcelain, slip decoration

Large serving plate

Porcelain, slip decoration

Small tea or coffee cups

Pinched porcelain, decorated with slip or pigment pencil


To touch and mold clay, to give shape to objects that accompany us in our daily lives – in the sharing of a cup of tea or in the joy of displaying a few flowers from the garden – this is how Martha Stahlkopf defines her way of connecting with her surroundings.

Based in Strasbourg, she primarily uses porcelain in her work.

“At first, you have to tame this clay; it can be temperamental, shaping it is not easy. But I love it for its bright and innocent white, for its hardness, its solidity – while its fineness, its translucency gives it a fragile aura, something one would like to protect.

During these past years, my work has mainly focused on everyday objects. These objects, cups, bowls, carafes, vases, etc., we all have them, and of all kinds. We use them constantly, it’s almost mundane, and yet these objects are precious because they connect us to humanity and its moments of sharing, its small and grand rituals that bind us all and have stood the test of time.

Each object I create has its own individual character. This is indispensable to me. I work with coils or slabs. I like to leave some traces of the manufacturing process to give spontaneity and a touch of naivety to my work.”

A large selection of Martha Stahlkopf’s creations is available at all times. Reach out if you’d like photos of available pieces !