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Sophie West

Art jewelry

Art craftsmanship has always resonated with me. Listening to artisans talk about their processes attracted me from a young age. And jewelry… as a child, I constantly drew them, and as an adult, I continuously trained myself until I encountered THE technique that sparked my transition to an artistic career : bead embroidery.

Historically employed in the world of clothing, this meticulous work took hold of me overnight. As I spent hours embroidering patterns and swatches, the idea came: why not turn them into jewelry?

I quickly realized that this unique concept offered numerous advantages. Beyond the vast creative universe allowed by embroidery, there were two undeniable assets to turning them into jewelry:

  • The durability of the creations, because unlike glued jewelry that we’ve all experienced, mine are securely sewn with nylon thread, the stones will never fall off (I know it speaks to so many women, we’ve all been disappointed by jewelry where the stones come off so quickly and get lost).
  • The incredible lightness of jewelry created on a textile base. You have to touch them to believe it, I promise you that 100% of my clients are totally amazed the first time they hold one of my pieces of jewelry. “Oh yes, it’s amazing!”

I realized that I had found a visually stunning but also high-quality and comfortable concept, and with my desire to share, I quickly decided to make it my main profession to offer these creations to women who seek originality, authenticity, quality, and comfort.

For almost 10 years now, I have combined the pleasure of creation with the pleasure of seeing women around me benefit from it: with smiles on their faces, heads held high, sparkling eyes because they feel GOOD.