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Stimulating works of art Curated by a passionate galerist

A spotlight on contemporary French art

Founded by an artist, Galerie Herbert-Fort strives to impress collectors and attract amateurs into the wonderful world of art. We’ll tell you all about how the art is made : materials, techniques, artistic expertise and skill.

Oil painting, watercolors, ceramics, blown glass, textiles and embroidery, metals…

HOW the art is made is central to our selection. You’ll find no purely conceptual art here.

You will find a rich and varied representation of France’s most talented contemporary artists and art craftsmen.

UN SOIR 81X60 2024

Jean Matrot
Un Soir

Huile sur toile, 81×60 cm

An Inviting Gallery

We are committed to offering you creations and works of art that have a soul, that can reflect your own personal style. From a tastefully chosen gift to a masterpiece you’ve fallen in love with, we offer a selection that’s designed to move you.

Here, you will have the pleasure of discovering exhibitions by established artists who rarely, if ever, exhibit in Burgundy. In addition to this, we delight you with shows dedicated to emerging artists whose careers are just beginning to take flight. All our artists enjoy a strong recognition among French and international clientele.

Surrounding our painting and sculpture exhibitions, we offer a superb selection of fine art craft creations. From practical to purely decorative, there is something for every taste: raw, modern, traditional… Each maker unfolds a strong and unique personal style. It’s so much more interesting that way!

It’s our way of helping you find engaging, moving works that will bring a unique character to your interior.

La Terrasse Ocre 30x30

Marc Folly
La Terrasse Ocre

Aquarelle sur papier, 30×30 cm

A certain
"je ne sais quoi"

Paintings and wall artworks

Our selection of paintings here at Galerie Herbert-Fort demonstrates the owner’s fondness for figurative art, and specifically for subjects evoking France.
France in all of its aspects : urban or rural, viewed with romanticism or with nostalgia, or completely unfiltered and realistic.

The Gallery has three permanent artists: Jean Matrot (oil paintings), Marc Folly (watercolors), and Frédérique Domergue (oxidation and patinas).
These artists’ works are always present in the Gallery, and each is showcased once a year for a personal exhibition.

And to regularly offer you the pleasure of discovering new artists, the Gallery organizes numerous temporary exhibitions every year featuring other contemporary French artists.

Orcellefiguier moyen_191

Brigitte Chassang
vase en grès cuisson bois

Serie “Orcelles”

See, touch,

A selection of art crafts
guided by love for materials

The smooth curve of blown glass, the pointillism of delicate bead embroidery, the incredible richness of textures, shapes, and colors in the vast world of ceramic art…

This environment will appeal to your senses as well as your emotions. The creators are all recognized in their crafts, each having developed a strong personal imprint. They have dared the difficulty, embraced a less productive approach in favor of unique pieces. The creations you will discover here are the result of years of research, experimentation, accidents, and miracles.

All of this to awaken your gaze, interrupt banality, and bring soul into this era of overproduction.

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Personal attention and service

Need advice on :

hanging or placing an artwork in your home?

choosing a unique gift for a loved one?

Let’s discuss it together! I’ll be delighted to share my experience with you to help you find the right solution.


Remote Orders

You can easily place orders remotely for any artwork we offer!

Simply contact us: via chat, phone, text, email, social media (FB, IG, WhatsApp)…, let us know which piece or pieces caught your attention. We’ll respond promptly with all the necessary information: pricing, shipping quotes, additional photos, etc.

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Shipping and Delivery

One of our strengths.
We do this often and well

We regularly ship to our customers in France and worldwide, thanks to:
Competitive rates with carriers
– Our custom packaging service
– Our expertise in export customs
Upon request, we’ll provide you with the best quote to quickly deliver the artwork of your choice. We always pack with great care, aiming for your artwork to arrive in mint condition. All shipments are tracked and insured.
For our local customers, it’s also possible to deliver large formats to your doorstep.


The Note from the Gallerist

This gallery project came to me in the most organic way possible. While searching for a local space to show my own creations, I found this magnificent space in the heart of beautiful Châteauneuf.
It was far too spacious for just my own creations… but its charm and its warm vibe won me over.
I didn’t hesitate long before deciding to move in and fill it with the most beautiful creations of contemporary French art and art craftsmanship. The connection between the heritage of this ancient village and contemporary artistic creation really made sense to me.
In our rural region, we often lack access to exhibitions that showcase nationally or internationally renowned artists. And in Paris, with so much to see, one can feel overwhelmed…
Here, in the heart of a peaceful village with a long history, I proudly share highlights of the current French artistic and artisanal creation.
In a place where time is not of the essence, where the value of things is measured by their ability to transcend the ages, it is my goal to offer you an experience, of discovery of French contemporary artworks – the heritage of tomorrow.