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Sunday May 26, Brigitte Chassang will joi, us all day at the Gallery to share her newest works. This ceramicist uses an ancestral woodfiring technique. Woodfiring implies a considerable amounty of risk regarding the works’ final appearance, but brings a unique, inimitable quality to ceramics depending on the passage of flames, the accumulation of embers, deposits of wood ash here and there.
Early May, Brigitte fired over 400 pieces in her kiln. A process which took almost 6 weeks to accmplish : enamelling and installing pieces in the kiln one by one (4 weeks), the firing itself (3 days of hard physical work without interruption), and the long wait beofre discovering the result (8 days).
Come and meet this passionate ceramic artist, chat about her process and inspiration, and discover this years’ pieces fresh out of the kiln.